Some of our work is focused on converting an existing space to fit a new purpose or maybe changing the use of an entire building such as a change from commercial to residential. A fresh design and thoughtful space reconfiguration can totally transform unused space into habitable extra living space. A home owner might prefer to go up rather than out, opting for a loft conversion over an extension and a commercial property owner might get a better return on investment converting office space to residential dwellings.   

When families grow and moving house is not a desirable option an extension is not always the answer. An alternative practical solution can be to explore how less used spaces in your home, such as a garage or loft, can be converted to accommodate your changing needs. It’s all about your own personal priorities and making your home work for you. Parking on the drive might seem a small price to pay for gaining an extra downstairs room. Losing the floor space to add a new staircase can be an acceptable compromise to create a new bedroom in the loft.  

As a commercial landlord, you might have the opportunity to increase your income by converting your offices into multiple residential dwellings. G3 Architecture can help you assess your options and look at the best way of designing the project to meet planning regulations for change of use and maximise the available space. Working together, our expertise and experience can help you to assess the risk and benefits of the proposed conversion.